Friday, November 09, 2007

You must be tough, Shorty!

Shorty seemed good in the last weekend and on Monday.
But his smile went gone on the end of Tuesday.
When Piko's mother told me that Shorty was dejected on Wednesday, and he wouldn't go back to the pet clinic, I knew there might be something wrong. After one call to the pet hospital that I always go, I decided to transfer Shorty to it. So I went home at Wednesday evening and made this transferring accomplished. It cost me NT9,420 for four days in the original hospital, lots of cash.... I arrived at the original hospital at 21:30 and finished those procedures of discharge from hospital at 22:00, fortunately the chief of the hospital I always go said he can wait for me. I got there in 10 minutes after leaving, and he gave Shorty a blood assay of his liver and kidney. He said the numbers were normal, but there was a bad news: his blood was under hemolysis. The good news was it's can be cured so I left Shorty there. I believe he will be good.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Brahms: Symphony No.3 Poco allegretto

This movement really touches me.
Every time when the iTune plays songs from movement II to movement III, my heart is twisted by the flow of the music.
profound, and heavy

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Birthday, Wayne.

Happy birthday, Wayne.

Wayne is my senior in NCULS.
If I have to use one word to describe him, I think "genuine" is the best choice.
Although he's now in National Ching-Hwa University, we still meet frequently.
At this moment, I bless you healthy and being genuine forever.

Happy birthday again!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

lonely is a man without love

This one below is the Spanish edtion, sung by Andrea Bocelli, one of my favorite tenor.

How come I have a feeling that the other three women are like vases?

Empty chairs at empty tables

This makes me think of Shorty.

Empty bowls at empty floor.

But fortunately he's recovering, not gone.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Poor Shorty

I think this Chinese name is suitable for Shorty.
I heard it from the assistant in the vet clinic.
小短腿 (little short leg)
It's a very cute Chinese name.

With a cute name, how come Shorty is poor?
Last weekend I was home in Nantou, I went to church at Saturday night and was back at 11pm. When I was home, my mom told me that Shorty has eaten something under a vehicle. My intuition told me he might eat something poisonous. (It's Methomyl, after I ask the person who put there to poison the cats and rats. highly poisonous, 7 drops can kill a 70-kg man) Not beyond my expectation, his leg begun quivering. My parents and I sent him to the 24/7 pet hospital in Taichung. I was nervous.

Fortunately, he didn't eat too much and sent to hospital soon. He recovers well now.
Night without Shorty is kind of lonely.