Sunday, October 28, 2007

a great weekend

Due to the boring life and exhuasting experiments here, I decided to go to rainmann's place in the Saturday's night.
Sushi-Express and MisterDonut really brought a good resort, as well as the Johnnie Walker Grenn Label. I think Sushi-Express provides a affordable price and acceptable flavor, 30NT/dish. But the dishes that two big men consumed are less than a couple did.
What a shame....

With the breakfast in MosBurger, the Sunday morning was also great; of course the worship made it even better. We enjoyed our lunch in 16-Area, also Japanese cusine, and I called Alex White to join us.

After a short stop in NCTU for the competition of swimming team, I went back to Jhongli with irreluctance.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Paper reading in English

I made a challenge today. (not that challenging actually)

My boss has mentioned that graduate students must present the paper in English in the lab meeting, but everyone seems left this behind. At the beginning of this week, I was wondering to present this paper in English and thinking I should prepare for it and make a pre-say. But things ususally go on without your plan. Although I began to read this paper yesterday and finished the slides this morning (of course without any pre-say), I introduced this paper in English in the meeting this afternoon.

I think my presentation was not bad, but I need to increase the fluency of speaking. I can make it better next time!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chuck, my Korean brother

Yesterday I met Chuck on the MSN.

It's been couple months I didn't see him online since we seperated.
Chuck is the international student from Korea, and major in Hotel Management (If I'm wrong, please correct me.)
I met him in the first semester of my senior. It's on the Joshua's class, Intercultural Communication, a really nice and interesting class and I recommend to everyone.
My first impression to Chuck is: Wow! That guy's as tall as tree!
I think his height is about 190cm.
Actually we didn't have to much interaction because we were not in the same group of the presentation. But I can tell he is very friendly and like to make frineds with people.
He's older than me. Sometimes I think he is genuine, but sometimes he looks sophisticated.

I knew him more in the 2nd semester.
If you want to know the detail, please read the following blog.

Sorry, Chuck!

Anyway, Chuck is now back to Korea but he told me that he really miss the life in Taiwan.
I'm glad to hear that.
He said that he'll find the chance to go back.
If you really do, please let me pick you up from the airport.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


NSRRC stands for National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center.

Last Friday, my boss asked me to go to NSRRC in Hisnchu with a senior in my lab for doing her experiment. Actually I said yes with reluctance cause Waiting was coming in that day and I want to go to swimming team with him. I got up early in 7am and went back to NCU in almost midnight (although we had dinner in 8pm and I went to my senior's (high school) place, I still stayed there for almost one day).

Although I went there without my will, I found it's quite interesting to use this tool. Rapid, accurate, and novel.

But this happiest thing is I had a night snack with rainmann and Jimmy.
Maple cinnamon roll and Daily coffe in Starbucks.
The best refresh after the tiring day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

one fish, three cuisines

It should a great day, except it's me who paid.

Because the stupid mistake 1.5 year ago, I have to treat Sheri and Colleen a meal for compensation. Of course it's not the main reason. Actually we're celebrating the Double Tenth Day so they came Jhongli for fun. As a hospitable host, I must show them the best what I can find.

One of the most famous scenic spot is Shih-Men Reservoir. But I don't think the scenery is the reason of their advent, the fish cook is their purpose. In fact we have been Shih-Men couple years ago and we can't forget the good taste. The restaurant is called Green Field in Countryside.

Besides, we appreciate the Mister Donut which rainmann brought and the cake from 85℃ that Iris entertained.

The gobbling of rainmann and I is the best proof of the cuisines.

The satisfied faces.

Genuine boys