Saturday, March 31, 2007

HSR on the way

8:20 pm

There were only two speakers in the journal club, but the latter one seemed not very familiar with what he said and read so he usually stunned and stopped by some cases like vocabularies, spellings, such of obviously unprepared phenomena. Finally this class finished at 8:20 pm. I quickly handled my stuffs and Jhong-Dao took me to the HSR station in Taoyuan. I really appreciated him. I arrived at HSR, Taoyuan at 9 pm, and took my tickets soon. The people stood in the ticket are quite awesome. The man before me bought tickets in Taiwanese, and I used English. I was wondering if he can speak Japanese as well.
The train departure at 9:40 pm. I thought there were very few people taking it, but I was wrong. Not crowded, but neither only me. Generally, neglecting the high price, HSR is quite nice and comfortable, though a little bit noisy. Maybe it’s because I was in the first carriage, the forth carriage is more silent in my backward trip.

10:20 pm
The last train arrived at Taichung in 10:20 pm, and fortunately, there remained the last bus leaving for Tsaotun. Lucky me~ But when I took a look back and forth, a chanson played in my mind. “Only you~~~~” Oh, it’s only me in the huge coach. I bet the driver damned me when the bus started off.

Friday, March 30, HSR

2:25 pm
The delayed bus.
Few people head for HSR, Taichung. If you want to take the bus, you have to tell them 30 minutes early. After all, I arrived at HSR, Taichung at 4pm. I’m so lucky!

4:29 pm
The train is departure.
I have to say that the attendant is so handsome!!! Strong, tall, nice-looking, and very gentle. I already had a coffee and brownie in the Starbucks at HSR, Taichung, otherwise I definitely buy something from him.

6 pm
The train arrived at HRS, Taoyuan at 5:09 pm. I jumped in the bus leaving for Jhongli, looking forward the dinner at PizzaHut with everyone tonight. It’s another story to say, haha.

Friday, March 30, 2007

HSR on the way - from the very beginning

Since HSR started it transport service, there has been many voices debating against or supporting.
I think as a Taiwanese, I couldn't miss the moment to witness the progress of our country.

How come the sub-title is “from the very beginning”? Mentioned about my first trip of HSR, I must described it from the service of ticket reservation system by telephone. I think the drama script is the best way to describe.

Me (M in abbr. below): (dialing) 4066-5678.

Service (S in abbr. below): All assistants are busy, please hold on. (Music)

after 3 minutes

S: (Advertisement for 30 seconds) For Chinese service , please press 1. For Taiwanese service, please....

M: (pressing 1)

S: All assistants are busy, please hold on. (Music)

Then just like you throw a stone into a sea. No body answers anymore. So I handed up the phone and re-dial.

M: (dialing) 4066-5678

S: All assistants are busy, please hold on. (Music)

after 3 minutes

S: For Chinese service, please press 1. For....

M: (pressing 3, Englis service)

S: Thank you for calling. For train schedule, please press 1. For requesting the assistant service, please press 9.

M: (pressing 9)

after a moment

S: (after a moment) 台灣高鐵公司你好,請問有什麼可以為你服務的嗎?(This is HSR Taiwan. What can I do for you? (in Chinese

M: (astonished) ㄜ...我要訂票。(rhh, I wanna make a reservation. (in Chinese

S: 不好意思先生可以麻煩你大聲一點嗎?(Excuse me. Could you speak louder, sir? (in Chinese

M: I WANT TO MAKE A RESERVATION! (in English, and as well below)

S: Sorry my English is not very well. I’ll transfer this call to another assistant.

My jaw was falling down to the ground.

after a moment

S: Hello! My name is Michael! May I help you?

M: Yes. I would like to make a reservation....

After a “negotiation” with the assistant, I finally booked my ticket toward Taichung at 9:40 pm at Thursday. I thought there were a foreign assistant for the English service, but just a Taiwanese in not very good English (because he usually cannot recognise the numbers). I called again afterwards for changed my ticket from one way trip to round trip (fortunately I did it at Thursday cause I heard the announcement said there is no ticket left when I was waiting for leaving Taichung.).

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I've looking forward the Nike + iPod Sport Kit for a long time.
Since I bought my MacBook and my sister's iPod nano, I've been thinking about the possibility of jogging with this fabulous invention.

I can't waiting to try it!!!

But there's one more thing to do, that is, how to fix it on my shoes?
I think it will be a simple problem to be solved.

Don't worry~

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I can't fall in love with you.

You know?
You're just a good looking friend.
Every time, EVERY TIME, it's me who knock you on the MSN; it's me who try to talk to you the first.
Do you really care about me?

Now I realize why he was so hurt when our relationship became unbalance.

Mutual understanding is essential to friendship.
It's harsh to me. your absent-minded, insouciant
Where am I in your heart? WHERE AM I?
just a ordinary friend? a passing traveler? a guest? or a stranger?
But if you're just a friend with nice face, how come I cannot take you common, like other friends.
I wish it's just a fascination.
but how come this fascination endure so long time and never end?
how come I'm so suffered.

to love a person who shouldn't love.

the seminar

woo~~~ the seminar is finished today.
Although I have lots of experience about presentation, every time it's my turn I am still nervous.
Maybe because of not well-prepared....

The title of my presentation is "The N-terminal arm of small heat shock protein is important of both chaperone activity and substrate specificity", and it comes Vierling's publish again.

My boss told my if I don't make it on iPCR, I have to change a method, like 5' RACE.
But actually, I think I didn't work hard enough for this gene searching.
However, if I kept doing it, I don't think it's will be a good idea on the financial share.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


1) establish (something, typically a practice or activity) as a convention or norm in an organization or culture.

2) (use. be institutionalized) place or keep (someone) in a residential institution.

institutionalization, noun

I'm wondering if I'm institutionalized "in Christ".
When I behave different with my fellows, problems come.
"What's happened?"
"Everything alright?"
"Do you wanna talk?"
"You can share with us!"
Frankly speaking, they're annoyed.

I always think once I've outleaped from the frame of Christianity, I could understand exactly what's going on.

Have you ever thought it's a custom or true commendation when you were speaking these sentences and words?
Are they from your heart?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

an afternoon meet

just half an hour ago, riding my blue Giant, passing the little garden with a small pond, I saw Luo sitting on the stone of pondside.

She just sat there. I don't know why. Maybe she was waiting her husband, or just handing around, watching people go back and forth.
Although she is not the counselor in the fellowship, I'd still love to talk to her.
I think she is more humanistic for me.

She talked about the reason why she quit and how she's going so far.
I also mentioned about the conflict between my faith and the reality.

She's quite surprised about my hair. (everybody does....)
Perhaps she's worried I look younger than her son.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Songs without Words

Couple days ago, I read a post on the clmusic, PTT.
It was a person asking for the music of TV commercial.
The commercial is Volkswagen New Jetta TDI. (click to watch)

The music is really fantastic!
My mood becomes soft with the sound in exhilaration.

This is "Songs without Words" Op. 67, No. 2 from Mendelssohn.

The first contact between Mendelssohn and me wass his violin concerto in E minor.
I remember I was a senior high student then.
That one is also an excellent one.

Some people think the music of Mendelssohn is lack of negative side because his growth background. Maybe, but only under this case, his music is full of melancholy, tenderness, exhilaration, and upper class (cause he's a noble). It's pleasing to the ears.

The symphony "Italy" is also famous by its Orphean movements.

Try try!