Sunday, August 26, 2007

Money In

Due to the mistake of Singapore Airline, I can take the refund completely.The refund page said I don't have to be charged of the Admin. Fee and Other Charge.
When I saw this page, my first thought is "There should be NT1,200 on the Admin. Fee or Other Charge", so I used "Grab" (in Mac) to capture this window view.

Just like what I concerned, the officer of SA called me couple days later and said that I have to be charged the Admin. Fee, but I just said that I didn't see any fee needed on the refund page.

She asked me to send her the page.After few days, she said their boss thanked me for informing them this mistake and the Admin. Fee will not be taken.

Although I thought they should provide me a free ticket of a free class upgrade, I still said thank you to her.

That's why I can get the whole refund.
Thank God.

Lucky me.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alumni Concert Band


Alumni concert band?

Are you serious?

The establishment of Ming-Dao Alumni Concert Band was an idea flipped when I graduated from high school.
I found the members in wind band club are very close and I wanted to maintain this kind of relationship so I asked my school for the possibility of this thought. After some discussions with Alex (my classmate, also the member of wind band, played saxophone), we started from the leader of student extracurricular activity, Mr. Liao, who really gave us lots of suggestions and helps, for the proposal of this issue. We even had a small meeting with the pricipal and he totally support our plan. After these procedures and negotiations, the Almuni Concert Band was finally established in the year I graduated.
We routinely hold a concert in summer vacation every year and cooperated with wind band club.
In fact, the cozy atmosphere and our conductor are the reason we came back.
The relaxing surrounding is charming than the musical training.
This year we went to TaiChung ChungHsin Hall for our conert.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

VISA out

In fact, there's no visa now.
It's not that I'm rejected by the officer, I just didn't go to the interview.

I give this US trip a second thought.
I think I should something meaningful not just for pleasure.
My experiment is in such a threshold.
I don't think it's a right time for go abroad.

Meanwhile, I can't feel any peace in the prayer of my US trip.
This is another story.
I'll tell you in the next post.

Friday, August 03, 2007


At this moment you apply for a visa of the United States, you will find it is great to join a Visa Waiver Program.

I need to fill the application form on-line, reserve the interview, prepare every document might useful, 3,400 NT for visa and 260 NT for information process fee.
When all these are done, I still can't make sure if I can get the visa.
Because I already graduated and not register the graduate school yet, in other words, I don't have a student identity.
I have to prove I will go back to Taiwan, instead of staying there, so I make a photocopy of my admission of graduate school.
I think it works.
The interview date is next Thursday.


By the recommendation of Aunty Fong, I went to Cave's Bookstore (in NCU) to get this book.
850 NT plus 10 % discount, I think it's pretty cheap.

Taking a glance of this dictionary, definition, examples and frequency informations are really useful of a English learner.
I should recommend this one to my English teacher. (Because she recommended a Longman one.)

I regret having not met earlier.

ps This cover picture is from