Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The happy hour of Octopus and me

RT-PCR is a boring task.
But with Octopus, everything is different!

Want to experience the happy hour with Octopus?

Friday, November 09, 2007

You must be tough, Shorty!

Shorty seemed good in the last weekend and on Monday.
But his smile went gone on the end of Tuesday.
When Piko's mother told me that Shorty was dejected on Wednesday, and he wouldn't go back to the pet clinic, I knew there might be something wrong. After one call to the pet hospital that I always go, I decided to transfer Shorty to it. So I went home at Wednesday evening and made this transferring accomplished. It cost me NT9,420 for four days in the original hospital, lots of cash.... I arrived at the original hospital at 21:30 and finished those procedures of discharge from hospital at 22:00, fortunately the chief of the hospital I always go said he can wait for me. I got there in 10 minutes after leaving, and he gave Shorty a blood assay of his liver and kidney. He said the numbers were normal, but there was a bad news: his blood was under hemolysis. The good news was it's can be cured so I left Shorty there. I believe he will be good.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Brahms: Symphony No.3 Poco allegretto

This movement really touches me.
Every time when the iTune plays songs from movement II to movement III, my heart is twisted by the flow of the music.
profound, and heavy

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Birthday, Wayne.

Happy birthday, Wayne.

Wayne is my senior in NCULS.
If I have to use one word to describe him, I think "genuine" is the best choice.
Although he's now in National Ching-Hwa University, we still meet frequently.
At this moment, I bless you healthy and being genuine forever.

Happy birthday again!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

lonely is a man without love

This one below is the Spanish edtion, sung by Andrea Bocelli, one of my favorite tenor.

How come I have a feeling that the other three women are like vases?

Empty chairs at empty tables

This makes me think of Shorty.

Empty bowls at empty floor.

But fortunately he's recovering, not gone.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Poor Shorty

I think this Chinese name is suitable for Shorty.
I heard it from the assistant in the vet clinic.
小短腿 (little short leg)
It's a very cute Chinese name.

With a cute name, how come Shorty is poor?
Last weekend I was home in Nantou, I went to church at Saturday night and was back at 11pm. When I was home, my mom told me that Shorty has eaten something under a vehicle. My intuition told me he might eat something poisonous. (It's Methomyl, after I ask the person who put there to poison the cats and rats. highly poisonous, 7 drops can kill a 70-kg man) Not beyond my expectation, his leg begun quivering. My parents and I sent him to the 24/7 pet hospital in Taichung. I was nervous.

Fortunately, he didn't eat too much and sent to hospital soon. He recovers well now.
Night without Shorty is kind of lonely.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

a great weekend

Due to the boring life and exhuasting experiments here, I decided to go to rainmann's place in the Saturday's night.
Sushi-Express and MisterDonut really brought a good resort, as well as the Johnnie Walker Grenn Label. I think Sushi-Express provides a affordable price and acceptable flavor, 30NT/dish. But the dishes that two big men consumed are less than a couple did.
What a shame....

With the breakfast in MosBurger, the Sunday morning was also great; of course the worship made it even better. We enjoyed our lunch in 16-Area, also Japanese cusine, and I called Alex White to join us.

After a short stop in NCTU for the competition of swimming team, I went back to Jhongli with irreluctance.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Paper reading in English

I made a challenge today. (not that challenging actually)

My boss has mentioned that graduate students must present the paper in English in the lab meeting, but everyone seems left this behind. At the beginning of this week, I was wondering to present this paper in English and thinking I should prepare for it and make a pre-say. But things ususally go on without your plan. Although I began to read this paper yesterday and finished the slides this morning (of course without any pre-say), I introduced this paper in English in the meeting this afternoon.

I think my presentation was not bad, but I need to increase the fluency of speaking. I can make it better next time!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chuck, my Korean brother

Yesterday I met Chuck on the MSN.

It's been couple months I didn't see him online since we seperated.
Chuck is the international student from Korea, and major in Hotel Management (If I'm wrong, please correct me.)
I met him in the first semester of my senior. It's on the Joshua's class, Intercultural Communication, a really nice and interesting class and I recommend to everyone.
My first impression to Chuck is: Wow! That guy's as tall as tree!
I think his height is about 190cm.
Actually we didn't have to much interaction because we were not in the same group of the presentation. But I can tell he is very friendly and like to make frineds with people.
He's older than me. Sometimes I think he is genuine, but sometimes he looks sophisticated.

I knew him more in the 2nd semester.
If you want to know the detail, please read the following blog.

Sorry, Chuck!

Anyway, Chuck is now back to Korea but he told me that he really miss the life in Taiwan.
I'm glad to hear that.
He said that he'll find the chance to go back.
If you really do, please let me pick you up from the airport.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


NSRRC stands for National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center.

Last Friday, my boss asked me to go to NSRRC in Hisnchu with a senior in my lab for doing her experiment. Actually I said yes with reluctance cause Waiting was coming in that day and I want to go to swimming team with him. I got up early in 7am and went back to NCU in almost midnight (although we had dinner in 8pm and I went to my senior's (high school) place, I still stayed there for almost one day).

Although I went there without my will, I found it's quite interesting to use this tool. Rapid, accurate, and novel.

But this happiest thing is I had a night snack with rainmann and Jimmy.
Maple cinnamon roll and Daily coffe in Starbucks.
The best refresh after the tiring day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

one fish, three cuisines

It should a great day, except it's me who paid.

Because the stupid mistake 1.5 year ago, I have to treat Sheri and Colleen a meal for compensation. Of course it's not the main reason. Actually we're celebrating the Double Tenth Day so they came Jhongli for fun. As a hospitable host, I must show them the best what I can find.

One of the most famous scenic spot is Shih-Men Reservoir. But I don't think the scenery is the reason of their advent, the fish cook is their purpose. In fact we have been Shih-Men couple years ago and we can't forget the good taste. The restaurant is called Green Field in Countryside.

Besides, we appreciate the Mister Donut which rainmann brought and the cake from 85℃ that Iris entertained.

The gobbling of rainmann and I is the best proof of the cuisines.

The satisfied faces.

Genuine boys

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Money In

Due to the mistake of Singapore Airline, I can take the refund completely.The refund page said I don't have to be charged of the Admin. Fee and Other Charge.
When I saw this page, my first thought is "There should be NT1,200 on the Admin. Fee or Other Charge", so I used "Grab" (in Mac) to capture this window view.

Just like what I concerned, the officer of SA called me couple days later and said that I have to be charged the Admin. Fee, but I just said that I didn't see any fee needed on the refund page.

She asked me to send her the page.After few days, she said their boss thanked me for informing them this mistake and the Admin. Fee will not be taken.

Although I thought they should provide me a free ticket of a free class upgrade, I still said thank you to her.

That's why I can get the whole refund.
Thank God.

Lucky me.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alumni Concert Band


Alumni concert band?

Are you serious?

The establishment of Ming-Dao Alumni Concert Band was an idea flipped when I graduated from high school.
I found the members in wind band club are very close and I wanted to maintain this kind of relationship so I asked my school for the possibility of this thought. After some discussions with Alex (my classmate, also the member of wind band, played saxophone), we started from the leader of student extracurricular activity, Mr. Liao, who really gave us lots of suggestions and helps, for the proposal of this issue. We even had a small meeting with the pricipal and he totally support our plan. After these procedures and negotiations, the Almuni Concert Band was finally established in the year I graduated.
We routinely hold a concert in summer vacation every year and cooperated with wind band club.
In fact, the cozy atmosphere and our conductor are the reason we came back.
The relaxing surrounding is charming than the musical training.
This year we went to TaiChung ChungHsin Hall for our conert.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

VISA out

In fact, there's no visa now.
It's not that I'm rejected by the officer, I just didn't go to the interview.

I give this US trip a second thought.
I think I should something meaningful not just for pleasure.
My experiment is in such a threshold.
I don't think it's a right time for go abroad.

Meanwhile, I can't feel any peace in the prayer of my US trip.
This is another story.
I'll tell you in the next post.

Friday, August 03, 2007


At this moment you apply for a visa of the United States, you will find it is great to join a Visa Waiver Program.

I need to fill the application form on-line, reserve the interview, prepare every document might useful, 3,400 NT for visa and 260 NT for information process fee.
When all these are done, I still can't make sure if I can get the visa.
Because I already graduated and not register the graduate school yet, in other words, I don't have a student identity.
I have to prove I will go back to Taiwan, instead of staying there, so I make a photocopy of my admission of graduate school.
I think it works.
The interview date is next Thursday.


By the recommendation of Aunty Fong, I went to Cave's Bookstore (in NCU) to get this book.
850 NT plus 10 % discount, I think it's pretty cheap.

Taking a glance of this dictionary, definition, examples and frequency informations are really useful of a English learner.
I should recommend this one to my English teacher. (Because she recommended a Longman one.)

I regret having not met earlier.

ps This cover picture is from Amazon.com

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wild type

My friend and I were talking on MSN.

I said "我是比較狂野那一型的" (I'm the wild kind.)

then a word flipped my mind.

"Wild type"

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm intimate.


actually, I gave her this bookmark with good feeling, kind of like.
but after I finally recognize myself, I forgot this soon.
It is a beautiful bookmark, with the poem from Qian, Xun makes it more literate and poetry.

It's warmed to receive the complement without any expectation.

It's said the happiest feeling happens in the lowest expectation.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sorry, Chuck!

Hippee asked me to the party for foreign students.
Someone invited her but she didn't want to go there with herself.

This party is held for all foreign students in school. But it's not a official one.
Maybe it's because some of them are leaving, so they want to grab the last flow of time at the end of this session.
It started very late, from 10 pm on last Friday.
Alcohols, cigarettes, and talking talking talking.

It sounds a lot of fun. How come the title of this blog is "Sorry, Chuck!"?

At about 2 am, a drinking competition begun.
Who drunk the wine the fastest will be the winner.
I've joined and beaten two Koreans.
The winner can choose one contestant and kiss him/her five seconds long.
Due to the contestants in my round are all boys, I chose someone I already acquainted.

It's Chuck.

Yeah, you're right. A man kissed a man.
And after few days, I heard it's Chuck's first kiss.

I am really sorry! Chuck.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Spiritual study

I don't know how to speak 靈修 in English. Maybe it's spiritual study.

It's psalm 34:1~11 today.

I take a lot from these verses.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Air Force

According to the two articles before, there must be a reason why I took the HSR.

Right! It's the sortition of military service.

After the physical examination, I am divided to General A of the physical position. It means I have to draw from 210 general soldier, including army, navy, and air force. Total is 210, and 10 marines, 17 submarines, 19 air forces, and the others are army.

Reading till this paragraph, if you've read the title, I believe you know what my division (or arm) is. Most people say it's a "easy" service. I don't know, maybe. Actually, I wished a little bit to draw the marine lots. I want myself trained.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

HSR on the way

8:20 pm

There were only two speakers in the journal club, but the latter one seemed not very familiar with what he said and read so he usually stunned and stopped by some cases like vocabularies, spellings, such of obviously unprepared phenomena. Finally this class finished at 8:20 pm. I quickly handled my stuffs and Jhong-Dao took me to the HSR station in Taoyuan. I really appreciated him. I arrived at HSR, Taoyuan at 9 pm, and took my tickets soon. The people stood in the ticket are quite awesome. The man before me bought tickets in Taiwanese, and I used English. I was wondering if he can speak Japanese as well.
The train departure at 9:40 pm. I thought there were very few people taking it, but I was wrong. Not crowded, but neither only me. Generally, neglecting the high price, HSR is quite nice and comfortable, though a little bit noisy. Maybe it’s because I was in the first carriage, the forth carriage is more silent in my backward trip.

10:20 pm
The last train arrived at Taichung in 10:20 pm, and fortunately, there remained the last bus leaving for Tsaotun. Lucky me~ But when I took a look back and forth, a chanson played in my mind. “Only you~~~~” Oh, it’s only me in the huge coach. I bet the driver damned me when the bus started off.

Friday, March 30, HSR

2:25 pm
The delayed bus.
Few people head for HSR, Taichung. If you want to take the bus, you have to tell them 30 minutes early. After all, I arrived at HSR, Taichung at 4pm. I’m so lucky!

4:29 pm
The train is departure.
I have to say that the attendant is so handsome!!! Strong, tall, nice-looking, and very gentle. I already had a coffee and brownie in the Starbucks at HSR, Taichung, otherwise I definitely buy something from him.

6 pm
The train arrived at HRS, Taoyuan at 5:09 pm. I jumped in the bus leaving for Jhongli, looking forward the dinner at PizzaHut with everyone tonight. It’s another story to say, haha.

Friday, March 30, 2007

HSR on the way - from the very beginning

Since HSR started it transport service, there has been many voices debating against or supporting.
I think as a Taiwanese, I couldn't miss the moment to witness the progress of our country.

How come the sub-title is “from the very beginning”? Mentioned about my first trip of HSR, I must described it from the service of ticket reservation system by telephone. I think the drama script is the best way to describe.

Me (M in abbr. below): (dialing) 4066-5678.

Service (S in abbr. below): All assistants are busy, please hold on. (Music)

after 3 minutes

S: (Advertisement for 30 seconds) For Chinese service , please press 1. For Taiwanese service, please....

M: (pressing 1)

S: All assistants are busy, please hold on. (Music)

Then just like you throw a stone into a sea. No body answers anymore. So I handed up the phone and re-dial.

M: (dialing) 4066-5678

S: All assistants are busy, please hold on. (Music)

after 3 minutes

S: For Chinese service, please press 1. For....

M: (pressing 3, Englis service)

S: Thank you for calling. For train schedule, please press 1. For requesting the assistant service, please press 9.

M: (pressing 9)

after a moment

S: (after a moment) 台灣高鐵公司你好,請問有什麼可以為你服務的嗎?(This is HSR Taiwan. What can I do for you? (in Chinese

M: (astonished) ㄜ...我要訂票。(rhh, I wanna make a reservation. (in Chinese

S: 不好意思先生可以麻煩你大聲一點嗎?(Excuse me. Could you speak louder, sir? (in Chinese

M: I WANT TO MAKE A RESERVATION! (in English, and as well below)

S: Sorry my English is not very well. I’ll transfer this call to another assistant.

My jaw was falling down to the ground.

after a moment

S: Hello! My name is Michael! May I help you?

M: Yes. I would like to make a reservation....

After a “negotiation” with the assistant, I finally booked my ticket toward Taichung at 9:40 pm at Thursday. I thought there were a foreign assistant for the English service, but just a Taiwanese in not very good English (because he usually cannot recognise the numbers). I called again afterwards for changed my ticket from one way trip to round trip (fortunately I did it at Thursday cause I heard the announcement said there is no ticket left when I was waiting for leaving Taichung.).

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I've looking forward the Nike + iPod Sport Kit for a long time.
Since I bought my MacBook and my sister's iPod nano, I've been thinking about the possibility of jogging with this fabulous invention.

I can't waiting to try it!!!

But there's one more thing to do, that is, how to fix it on my shoes?
I think it will be a simple problem to be solved.

Don't worry~

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I can't fall in love with you.

You know?
You're just a good looking friend.
Every time, EVERY TIME, it's me who knock you on the MSN; it's me who try to talk to you the first.
Do you really care about me?

Now I realize why he was so hurt when our relationship became unbalance.

Mutual understanding is essential to friendship.
It's harsh to me. your absent-minded, insouciant
Where am I in your heart? WHERE AM I?
just a ordinary friend? a passing traveler? a guest? or a stranger?
But if you're just a friend with nice face, how come I cannot take you common, like other friends.
I wish it's just a fascination.
but how come this fascination endure so long time and never end?
how come I'm so suffered.

to love a person who shouldn't love.

the seminar

woo~~~ the seminar is finished today.
Although I have lots of experience about presentation, every time it's my turn I am still nervous.
Maybe because of not well-prepared....

The title of my presentation is "The N-terminal arm of small heat shock protein is important of both chaperone activity and substrate specificity", and it comes Vierling's publish again.

My boss told my if I don't make it on iPCR, I have to change a method, like 5' RACE.
But actually, I think I didn't work hard enough for this gene searching.
However, if I kept doing it, I don't think it's will be a good idea on the financial share.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


1) establish (something, typically a practice or activity) as a convention or norm in an organization or culture.

2) (use. be institutionalized) place or keep (someone) in a residential institution.

institutionalization, noun

I'm wondering if I'm institutionalized "in Christ".
When I behave different with my fellows, problems come.
"What's happened?"
"Everything alright?"
"Do you wanna talk?"
"You can share with us!"
Frankly speaking, they're annoyed.

I always think once I've outleaped from the frame of Christianity, I could understand exactly what's going on.

Have you ever thought it's a custom or true commendation when you were speaking these sentences and words?
Are they from your heart?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

an afternoon meet

just half an hour ago, riding my blue Giant, passing the little garden with a small pond, I saw Luo sitting on the stone of pondside.

She just sat there. I don't know why. Maybe she was waiting her husband, or just handing around, watching people go back and forth.
Although she is not the counselor in the fellowship, I'd still love to talk to her.
I think she is more humanistic for me.

She talked about the reason why she quit and how she's going so far.
I also mentioned about the conflict between my faith and the reality.

She's quite surprised about my hair. (everybody does....)
Perhaps she's worried I look younger than her son.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Songs without Words

Couple days ago, I read a post on the clmusic, PTT.
It was a person asking for the music of TV commercial.
The commercial is Volkswagen New Jetta TDI. (click to watch)

The music is really fantastic!
My mood becomes soft with the sound in exhilaration.

This is "Songs without Words" Op. 67, No. 2 from Mendelssohn.

The first contact between Mendelssohn and me wass his violin concerto in E minor.
I remember I was a senior high student then.
That one is also an excellent one.

Some people think the music of Mendelssohn is lack of negative side because his growth background. Maybe, but only under this case, his music is full of melancholy, tenderness, exhilaration, and upper class (cause he's a noble). It's pleasing to the ears.

The symphony "Italy" is also famous by its Orphean movements.

Try try!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Books income~

Digital Fortress, Dan Brown

Cell, Stephen King

Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro

I'm wondering if I can finish these books cause I never finish a English (except Phantom of the Opera in very easy version).
But I should give it a try, for these attractive stories.


OK, enough!

Maybe I'm out of control as your identification. (or cognition? whatever....)
But when you guys can learn how to respect others?
Don't give me eyes with compassionate when I showed up, and neither the greeting in affectation.

I'm not repenting and redressing the error.
It's not an error exactly, after all.

It's life! Don't you understand?

Thousands and thousands of people live around the world. The races, languages, cultures, norms, occupations, classes, religions, even genders are the identities of ourselves, not only one standard. I think I'm institutionalized then to such an extent that I felt anxious and abashed when I turn my face to the other side.

I have to admit the atmosphere is cozy, warm, and fragrant.
People felt very comfortable and are joined thoroughly.
However, I still don't know what it does mean to me.
I found I like this fellowship is because of you, not because of God.
Gradually, it becomes another problem of mine.
I should jump out and think about it deeply, or discuss with those "close" friends?
Those close friends with compassionate looks, effected greetings, and the smiles make me goose flesh???

I really have no idea.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh! My hair....

It's really funny of mine.

I spent the past five months for the growth of my hair.
But every time it got a little bit longer, I wanted to go to the barber.
As the result, my hair couldn't reach the goal of enough length.
Almost all friend around me said I'm not suitable for long hair, but I still told me that it's actually not bad.

After this winter vacation....

I watched Eternal Summer and I really like the hair style of 張孝全.
On the other hand, Scofield is really handsome in Prison Break.
So today I have my hair cut.
I told the designer that as short as possible, and of course he did as much as he can so I have an en brosse now.
After taking another glance of Chang, I found that his hair is not that short.
And I don't have a handsome face like Scofield, so I think I looks like Burrows now.

It's like a farce.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Am I?

I'm really sick of it.

Every time the people in the fellowship give a call and ask how you have been recently, I felt like in the anxiety.
"Hey! How have you been?"
"Where did you do in the vacation?"
"Will you come to the gathering? Why not? We all miss you!"

I really don't want any concern from others now, especially from the fellowship, because they think I'm in a "not good" situation, and it's progressive tense. It makes a lot of pressure to me. I don't know, maybe because those people who ask know that I'm gay and think I can be changed and changeable.

It's a flagrant crime.

I don't think I'm gay to be gay in such a circumstances.
A crash between the identities of Christian and gay.
Of course I can ignore one of them. But I must make a decision - only one of them, not both, nor neither.

People in the fellowship and church always say that you have to listen to God.
But I couldn't help but wonder, does His turn on the power of the speaker?
When I don't want to care about the Christ stuff and brace this world, they will begin to warn you that don't believe the short-term excitement, in the heaven you can have a eternal joy, and keep emphasizing it's a lifelong work to do.
Once you came up a doubt if it's a truth or just a brainwashing, different voices' fighting in your mind, and if you don't want to face this conflict, there's an adjective named "weak" waiting there for you.

I'm condemned? or I'm dead?