Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fresh or Flesh

I went to Taipei for Barry's birthday party in Fresh.
Actually I'm not used to this kind of recreation place.
I left there at 1 and I found the lock of my trunk was broken!!!

Before I left my car for Fresh, I put my bag in the trunk.
Probably there was a person waiting there for chances.
But I brought my ID, credit card, and most money with me.
I was not dare to open the trunk from the backseat so I called 110 and soon two policemen came.
As my prediction, my bag was not in my trunk.
The polices asked if I want to make a record and to collect the fingerprint.
When I just move to the police station, one of the polices knocked my trunk and said, "Come to check it if it's your bag!"
I saw a black bag lying in a flower bed just beside my car.
Fotunately, only NT$100 is taken away~
All my stuff remained in the bag, and even my iPod was still in the car.

I learned a lesson. Don't put the bags or anything in the trunk after parking.
Cause probably there is someone standing there casting greedy eyes on you.


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Gabriel said...

I put my iPod in the car but the thief didn't take it.