Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Too many people in the isotope room

I went to NTU today for isotope experiment by the shuttle bus at 6:30 am.
Perhaps some people think it's too early.
I'm not the early bird, but don't know why, I enjoy in arriving very early pretty.
Maybe it's because of the McDonald's breakfast.
Ben and I have dinner date today. I plan to go back to NCU by the shuttle bus at 5 pm.
After 元斌 arrived, I asked him for the membranes and begun to prehybridize them.
He said, "The membranes I prepare to use today are those we used last week."
Oh! Shxt!
It means I need to do this experiment from membrane stripping.
It costs at least 2 hrs.
What worse?
There are four group of student using isotope room today.
I usually do the isotope experiment alone in the room.
It's really inconvenient to handle these materials in this case.

What can I say?
Que sera sera....

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