Saturday, April 11, 2009

in love with you

I know it may be ridiculous and stupid, and even funny. But I'm crush on you at the very first moment I saw you. Of course you're handsome and really charming. I'm obsessed with you and your charisma as well as the personality. It's not your appearance which enchanted me, but the inner soul. I didn't mean that I'm not attracted by your face, but what I really like is the way we were. It's so comfortable and easy to be with you. You are really special. There are lots of characteristics on you which I admire very much. I've learned a lot in the moment that we were together.

I remember every word you said.

I'm just so glad to hear you say that "I have a wonderful time in the weekend.", "Time being with you flies. I'm looking forward our next meet."

However, the moment without you is so harsh and difficult. My heart is filled with the feeling that I want to be with you. I want to tell thousand times that I do like you. Every time I remind myself not going to see you that often is so hard for me.

I think to pray for you is the best way to release my missing to you.

I want to give you a song as my sigh for you. It's Romance, Op. 85, from Bruch.

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